Description et responsabilités générales du poste

Reporting to Customer service & sales support manager, the Sales Support Coordinator main duties and responsibilities are (including but not limited to):



·         Review customer Requests For Proposal (RFP). Clarify Scope of Work (SoW) with sales & sales support groups.

·         Review commercial and technical historical data of similar projects;

·         Clarify sourcing and bidding strategy with sales;

·         Coordinate bid / no bid process (preliminary project analysis assessing company capacity to support the request in terms capability, capacity & position vs market price);



·         Act as focal point for assigned RFPs;

·         Gather and distribute all necessary documentation to the RFP stakeholders;

·         Define main milestones, organize & chair proposal coordination meetings (SOW review, working session, quote review, final review); Ensure deadlines are met;



·         Support sales team to Develop appealing proposals packages, reflecting bidding strategy (wording/presentation/layout, pricing breakdown, overall pricing positioning versus market baseline, etc…) and ensuring customer expectations are met to the best possible extent, while guaranteeing Avianor protection (assumptions, inclusions-exclusions definitions, etc…);

·         Support sales team to Develop appealing marketing material;

·         Support Sales support manager maintaining sales support planning up to date;

·         Act as focal point for all commercial/legal agreement development (GTAs, NDAs etc.);

·         Generate contracts;



·         Develop & maintain sales support planning.

·         Develop & maintain proposal templates.

·         Develop & maintain marketing material.

Qualifications requises et exigences

The employee agrees to comply with the following:

·         Work safely;

·         Use most recent and applicable standards;

·         Use adequate and calibrated tools (if required);

·         Complete and pass all training in connection with their position;

·         Update and communicate with the human resources department their skills, work experience and professional qualifications;

·         Report any incident, accident or potential hazard via SMS ;

·         Implement and monitor the policies and procedures related to their position.

Compétences et habiletés

  • Formation : Collégiales - Techniques
  • Expérience : 1 an ou plus
  • Profils : Administration, Communication, Service client, Ventes, Rédacteur technique, Contrats