Héroux-Devtek, dont le siège social est situé à Longueuil (Québec) au Canada, est une société active à l’échelle mondiale desservant le marché de l’aérospatiale par le biais d’ installations de production situées en Amérique du Nord et en Europe. La longévité de la société, sa souplesse et ses réalisations en matière de développement et de mise en oeuvre de systèmes de production novateurs lui ont permis de se démarquer comme un chef de file dans le marché des trains d'atterrissage. 

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Description et responsabilités générales du poste

Category: Production/Manufacturing/Assembly
Job Type: Permanent Full Time
Division: Landing Gear
City: Strongsville

Company Bio

Headquartered in Longueuil, Québec, Canada, Héroux-Devtek is a globally active company serving the Aerospace markets from production facilities in North America and Europe. The Company’s longevity, flexibility, and track record for the development and implementation of innovative production systems have distinguished it as a leader in the Landing Gear market.

Division info

The Landing Gear Market specializes in the design, qualification, manufacture and repair and overhaul of landing gears and flight critical components to a customer base that extends from the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to the Operators in both the commercial and military markets.

Summary of position

The painter prepares and spray-paints parts or assemblies such as: landing gear, hydraulic cylinders, detail parts, etc... The painter also prepares various parts by performing identification and broaching operations on parts to be painted or in preparation for delivery.

Main responsibilities

• Carries out a visual inspection of the part to be painted and ensures it is properly cleaned before proceeding to the other required operations;
• Adjusts his pistols, prepares required mixtures according to the prescribed standards, cleans parts and solves problems associated to his work, usually without technical assistance;
• Performs moderately complex operations requiring care and precision which have monetary consequences that are moderately high;
• Performs occasionally masking and demasking operations on the different parts to be painted;
• Prepares mixtures of transparent sealant (CLEAR) and those required for operations of cosmetic painting (retouching), and performs their application using the equipment provided, whether manual or mechanical (brush, 'air brush', painting equipment, etc.) and cleans.
• Builds and adjusts measuring instruments;
• Trains and/or guides occasionally in his classification other employees in the achievement of their duties;
• Reads and interprets instructions and standards applicable to his work, usually without technical assistance;
• Meets quality and quantity requirements, completes the necessary information and/or documents for ensuring its operation;
• Notifies his supervisor of any anomaly concerning his work or safety;
• Keeps his tools and his workstation clean and in good order;
• Performs any other similar duties assigned by the supervisor.

Qualifications requises et exigences

- High school diploma
- 4 years’ experience working in a paint shop with manual air-guns (ideally aerospace)
- Good sense of judgment and capacity to evaluate problems

Compétences et habiletés

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