Héroux-Devtek, dont le siège social est situé à Longueuil (Québec) au Canada, est une société active à l’échelle mondiale desservant le marché de l’aérospatiale par le biais d’ installations de production situées en Amérique du Nord et en Europe. La longévité de la société, sa souplesse et ses réalisations en matière de développement et de mise en oeuvre de systèmes de production novateurs lui ont permis de se démarquer comme un chef de file dans le marché des trains d'atterrissage. 

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Description et responsabilités générales du poste

Category: Engineering/Methods
Job Type: Permanent Full Time
Division: Landing Gear
City: Strongsville

Company Bio

Entrepreneurial Leader
Heroux-Devtek, the world’s 3rd largest producer of landing gear, serves the civil and military aerospace markets from production facilities in North America and Europe. The Company’s longevity, flexibility, and track record for the development and implementation of innovative production systems have distinguished it as a leader in the domain. With its most recent acquisitions, Heroux-Devtek is bolstering its status as one of the foremost landing gear, actuation and hydraulic system designers and manufacturers in the global aerospace industry.

Division info

Located in the suburbs of Cleveland, the Strongsville based facility recently expanded from 50,000 ft2 to 100,000 ft2 to handle surface treatment, finishing and painting, as well as subassembly of the Boeing 777 landing gear, the world’s largest commercial landing gear. The site became the central point of a major chain of production. Parts and components are machined in our plants across Canada and the USA and the critical finishing operations are performed in our Strongsville facility. Once the major subassemblies are completed in Strongsville, the landing gear leaves for its final destination to our Everett, WA facility, only five minutes away from Boeing’s Final Assembly Line.

Summary of position

Reporting to the Support Engineering Manager, the MRB Engineer analyzes non conformities to landing gear components in order to give proper MRB disposition in regards to their integrity. MRB dispositions will assure the resulting nonconforming product meets all minimum design and HDI/customer certification requirements. If the decision is that the part can be repaired to be used in service, he/she will determine the sequence of operations needed to be taken.

Working in a dynamic environment, rich in operational complexity, we are seeking to find an MRB Engineer who is strong in technical problem solving, can demonstrate sound judgement, and acumen for organization and communication at various levels of responsibility.

Main responsibilities

- Evaluates and analyzes defects on parts from technical documents such as drawings, technical repair manuals (TO), customer specifications and stress reports in order to gather all the necessary information for the acceptance or rejection of a part that does not meets all requirements.

- Ensures that the parts are structurally adequate by calculating constraints and safety factors or by asking the stress or Materials & Processes engineers for consultation in order to make a final decision.

- Ensures that the assembly function is not affected by verifying the functional and structural aspects of the rejected part and develop a method for possible repair or condemning the part.

- Completes documentation of non-compliances with a final disposition that meets customer requirements.

- Communicates if required any additional information to customers.

Qualifications requises et exigences

• Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering (Mechanical or Aerospace) from an accredited program recognized by the Washington accord
• Minimum of three (3) years experience in the aerospace industry, landing gear experience preferred
• Ability to interpret easily technical aerospace drawings / GD&T
• Expertise in the following areas:
? Design requirements
? Strength, fatigue, and durability properties
? Installation and aircraft operation
? Aircraft certification requirements
? Materials, processes, and part standards
? Production capabilities and limitations
? MRB Procedures
• Strong ability to take decisions under pressure
• Strong communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills. Previous customer relations experience preferred.
• Demonstrated analytical skills with the ability to work constructively within teams, focused on problem solving
• Demonstrated ability to work within tight timelines
• Demonstrated ability to work independently, with minimal supervision

Compétences et habiletés

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  • Profils : Ingénierie, Méthodes