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This role involves research, development, design, and test of electrical components, equipment, systems, and networks in a high reliability, safety critical human aeronautical flight environment.

  •  Develop electrical and avionics designs for advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications.
  • Coordinate technical work products between the HMI subsystem and other electrical/avionics subsystems including communications, FCS, data handling, power and GNC (guidance, navigation, and control) and weight & balance (equilibrium) engineering groups.
  • Analyze and develop electrical interfaces between digital avionics parts, circuit cards, assemblies and subsystems and other machine interfaces.
  • Derive the human machine interface and associated avionics requirements for the airship.
  •  Derive functional requirements and allocate between hardware, firmware/gateware and software.
  • Advance state of the art voice assistance and personal device-based communications and control systems into high reliability, safety critical crew interfaces.
  • Model digital and analog circuits and support analysis of circuit board and system design.
  • Compose digital designs from the block diagram through interface schematic levels.
  • Analyze crew human factors needs and decompose into requirements for multiple HMI systems: displays, manual controls, personal device, voice assistance, lighting, audio and video communications.
  • Advance state of the art voice assistance and personal device-based communications and control systems into high reliability, safety critical crew interfaces.
  • Oversee component (part, assembly) manufacture at multiple world class avionics suppliers.
  • Support electrical integration of HMI avionics at the subsystem and system levels.
  • Provide as-needed HMI engineering support to flight test pilots and operations on future missions.


  •  Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college in Electrical Engineering.
  • Experience with performing electrical circuit simulations and modeling is an asset.
  • Experience with standard laboratory tools such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, function generators, analyzers, and similar tools.
  • Experience with requirements review component selection, creation of design packages, and generation of test procedures.
  •  Prior experience with development and production of HMI and avionics on an electrically powered aircraft program.
  •  Knowledge of electrical interconnects and testing methods (and fiber optics, is a plus).
  •  Knowledge of network systems and communication.
  •  Experience with safety critical complex electrical and electronical hardware design    standards ARP4754, DO254, DO178.
  • Ability to diagnose and solve a variety of electrically related problems and document the testing processes and results in the appropriate problem reporting system.
  • Experience with network protocols including MIL-STD-1553B, CCSDS, CAN.
  •  Experience with test and troubleshooting of networked communication environments, including diagnostic equipment such as logic and network analyzers, sniffers.
  •  Preparation for and participation in major program design reviews (Preliminary Design Review, Critical Design Review, Manufacturing Design Review, Test Readiness Review).
  • Experience with supplier oversight of digital components/assemblies.

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Qualifications requises et exigences

Voir description de l'emploi ci-dessus // See job description above.

Compétences et habiletés

  • Formation : Universitaires
  • Expérience : 6 ans ou plus
  • Profil : Ingénierie
  • Date limite de dépôt de candidature : 04 août 2022